Huajin International Capital (00982) won the "most socially responsible listed company" award

Release time:2021-01-06 Source:Zhitong financial information

"The 5th golden Hong Kong stock annual award ceremony" is jointly hosted by Zhitong finance and tonghuashun finance, the leading domestic information platform for Hong Kong and US stocks. The professional financial roadshow live broadcast platform "roadshow" provides full roadshow support.

"The most socially responsible listed company" aims at commending the Hong Kong listed companies that have made positive contributions to targeted poverty alleviation, ecological protection, public welfare donation, etc. by striving to fulfill their social responsibilities, actively fulfilling their responsibilities to consumers, communities and the environment. This time, Huajin International Capital won the award of "the most socially responsible listed company", which highlights the attention of the industry and investors to the relevant industries. It is not only a great encouragement to Huajin International Capital, but also a spur.

After two months of rigorous screening, the "fifth annual selection of golden Hong Kong stock" attracted more than 1000 Hong Kong listed companies to participate in the meeting, covering not only traditional industries such as energy, finance, automobile and industrial manufacturing, but also emerging industries such as communication, chip manufacturing, Internet, medical and pharmaceutical, which lead China's economic transformation. The total market value of the project exceeded HK $20 trillion, reaching the top of Asia, It is equivalent to more than half of the total market value of the whole Hong Kong stock market, and more than 9 companies have become Hong Kong stock connect enterprises.

In addition, more than 200 banks, securities, insurance, trust, asset management and other financial institutions and thousands of professional investors attended the event.

According to the performance growth, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence, capital market performance and other factors of the enterprise in the past year, the selection expert committee selected the final winner list with the corresponding public voting weight.