The company adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented and cherishing talents", creates a good talent growth atmosphere, respects knowledge and talents, attaches importance to talent training, and provides employees with a fair, just and harmonious working environment, a stage for talent display, opportunities for learning and training and career development channels. Let every employee give full play to their potential, openly select all kinds of talents, and promote talents to stand out.


HUAFA people's "excellent + life"

Employees practice "the more perfect, the more perfect they pursue". We focus on providing employees with "excellent +" happy life. We provide comprehensive welfare guarantee to every HUAFA person's happy life and constantly upgrade their sense of belonging and happiness.

Clothing + food:HUAFA series large-scale complex HUAFA Commercial Capital, Sheraton Hotel / ST REGIS’ quality food;

Housing + travel:HUAFA series of boutique real estate, high quality HUAFA Property, talent apartment, HUAFA Auto;

Education: Ronghong International Kindergarten, Huafa Ronghong School, Ronghong Academy, Dewei International High School, HUAFA International Exchange Training School;

Culture + Sports:Yuechao Bookstore, HUAFA & cpaa Grand Theatre, WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai, Mozart International Youth Music Competition, Huafa Aotemei Sports Center, HUAFA Minghuahui Fitness Center;

Wealth:Huajin Securities, Huajin Futures, Yueke Financial Holding Small Loan, Hengqin Life Insurance, funds, investment opportunities;

Clothing + food

Housing + travel


Culture + Sports


With comprehensive care, care about the healthy life of every HUAFA person