2021.03 The official registered name of the company was changed to HUAFA Property Services Group Company Limited with effect from March 15, 2012.
2020.12 The company sold its financial services business.
2020.09 The company stopped the two properties of HUAFA Executive Apartment and Sheraton Zhuhai HUAFA hotel from entering into a property leasing framework agreement, and turned the hotel business into consulting services.
2020.06 The company sells its financial printing business.
2020.01 The company began to provide property management services and related value-added services through Zhuhai HUAFA property management services Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries.
2019.06 Huajin International Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, has entered into a framework agreement on exhibition services.
2019.03 The subsidiary of the company, Zhuhai Hengqin New District Huajin International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., has entered into a property leasing framework agreement on the two properties of HUAFA administrative apartment and Zhuhai HUAFA Sheraton Hotel.
2018.11 Explore new business segments such as hotel consultant, hotel management and exhibition service planning.
2017.12 The official registered name of the company is changed to "HJ capital (International) Holdings Company Limited Huajin International Capital Holdings Limited" with effect from October 25, 2017.
2017.09 Complete acquisition of Huajin Finance (International) Holding Co., Ltd. The group may conduct regulated activities through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, including class 1 (securities trading), class 2 (futures contract trading), class 4 (advice on securities), category 6 (advice on institutional financing) and category 9 (provision of asset management) regulated activities under the securities and Futures Ordinance, and held under the regulations of the lenders of chapter 163 of the laws of Hong Kong The license of the lender.
2016.06 The group is involved in financial advisory services through the acquisition of all equity interests in Huagao Hesheng Financial Advisory Co., Ltd., a licensed corporation that can engage in class 4 (advice on securities) and class 6 (advice on institutional financing) regulated activities under the securities and Futures Ordinance, Chapter 571 of the laws of Hong Kong.
2014.05 Zhuhai HUAFA Group Co., Ltd., a wholly state-owned enterprise of Zhuhai SASAC, became the controlling shareholder through its overseas wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong HUAFA Investment Holding Co., Ltd.
2008.07 The company is listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 00982. HK).