Founded in 1985, ZHUHAI HUAFA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. ranks 26th among China's top 100 property service enterprises in 2020. It has three professional subsidiaries (Zhuhai HUAFA Municipal Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd, Huafa Building Elevator Engineering Company and Huafa Jones Lang LaSalle Company, which is responsible for the property management of super high-rise office buildings) and 32 branches, covering 30 cities in China. In terms of business field and business type distribution, it covers residential buildings, office buildings, villas, industrial parks, exhibition centers, tunnels, commercial centers, government public buildings, and super high-rise management projects. It has nearly 18 years of service experience for the largest land border, Gongbei Port, more than 10 years of management and maintenance experience for commercial office buildings, 8 years of management and maintenance experience for exhibition center, and 11 years of municipal management and maintenance experience, which has won unanimous praise from all walks of life.

ZHUHAI HUAFA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. provides three types of property management services, which constitute the comprehensive services provided by its customers and cover the entire property management value chain , namely:

Property management services:

Provide a range of property management services for owners, residents and property developers, including security, cleaning, greening, gardening and maintenance services.

Value added services for owners:

Provide a wide range of community value-added services around the whole life cycle of the house to the owners and residents of the property under their management, mainly including:
Home life services: according to the needs of owners and customers, provide home maintenance, home cleaning, garbage collection and transportation services, office building indoor cleaning, security, customer service services, APP operation and other customized services;
Space operation service: operate and manage the public area authorized by the owner, provide fresh distribution, elevator advertising and other value-added services;
Community new retail: provide furniture and household appliances, food products sales and equipment installation services for owners;
Other services: provide canteen, home insurance and other service income for owners and customers.

Other value added services:

Municipal Engineering Services: providing support services for municipal projects, such as maintenance, sanitation, road and bridge maintenance and street lamp maintenance;
Elevator maintenance services: engineering maintenance services, elevator monitoring and maintenance;
Provide services for property developers: provide cleaning, greening and maintenance services for property developers in the pre delivery stage; provide consulting services for property developers in pre-sale business management, and provide consulting services for properties managed by other property management companies.

At present, Zhuhai HUAFA property has comprehensively planned and started the construction of property science and technology + information system, and three platforms have been implemented simultaneously

Internal management platform

Intelligent equipment operation and maintenance platform

Customer service platform



  • Residential projects

    Residential projects

    Zhuhai Huafa New City, Zhuhai Huafa Century City, Guangzhou Huafa Four Seasons, Shanghai Huafa Four Seasons, etc.

  • Municipal projects

    Municipal projects

    Fushan Industrial Park, Zhuhai Shizimen Area, Banzhangshan Tunnel.

  • Public construction projects

    Public construction projects

    Gongbei Port, Zhuhai Intermediate People's Court, Office Buildings of Public Security Organs, Procuratorial Organs and People's Courts

  • Commercial office building projects

    Commercial office building projects

    Zhuhai Huafa Century City Commercial Street, Huafa Commercial City, Lufu Xingguang Shangxuan;

  • Stadium projects

    Stadium projects

    Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhuhai Huafa Grand Theater; Zhuhai International Tennis Center


Zhou Wenbin

Chairman of Zhuhai HUAFA Property Management Service Co., Ltd

Born in 1968, he has a bachelor's degree in English major of Hubei University.

Zeng Shi

President of Zhuhai HUAFA Property Management Service Co., Ltd

Born in 1978, Master of Macau University of Science and Technology.