「HUAFA property」 will soon complete its name change with Huajin International Capital (00982)

Release time:2020-12-05 Source:腾讯网

Huajin International Capital (00982. HK) announced that the board of directors proposed to change its official registered English name from "HJ capital (International) Holdings Company Limited" to "HUAFA property services group company" Limited ", and the Chinese name" HUAFA Property Services Group Co., Ltd. "is adopted as the second name of the company to replace the existing Chinese name" Huajin International Capital Holding Co., Ltd. (this name is for identification only at present). The proposed change of the company's name shall be approved by the shareholders in the form of a special resolution at the special general meeting and approved by the Bermuda Companies Registry.

In addition, after confirmation by the stock exchange and after the proposed change of company name comes into effect, the abbreviations of shares in Chinese and English will be changed accordingly.

According to the announcement, the group has expanded its business scope in China to property management services and related value-added services since January 2020, and completed the sale of the financial printing services division on June 22, 2020. The new name of the company will more appropriately reflect the strategic transformation goal of the company's services, reflect the direction of the company's industrial structure optimization, and the determination to continuously optimize the company's resource allocation and operational efficiency.

In the future, the company's services will be based on the development strategy of "one core and two wings", deeply tap the existing business potential, break through and extend the service boundary, create high-end services of all formats, and move towards the goal of a comprehensive innovative service provider with global vision and adhering to quality innovation, so as to bring greater returns to shareholders. The board of Directors believes that the proposed change of the company's name will be conducive to the company's future business development and enhance the company's corporate brand image, and in line with the overall interests of the company and shareholders.